The benefits of canine massage

Despite the fact that dogs do not do as much as people or horses they can still benefit from massage.  Not only does it keep them well it can also help dogs that have suffered with abuse, relieving emotional pain.

Massage speeds up the blood circulation and helps areas in particular  with restricted blood flow and lymph which keep the body in balance.  This also helps with regulating bowel movements along with improving the metabolic rate especially if it is an older dog or one that has a slower lifestyle.

It also increases bone density and their strength along with reducing swelling and helps with injuries like a pulled muscle or a broken bone.  If there is a lump or growths that has gone unnoticed in-between vet check-ups this could be detected throughout a massage.

Performance dogs, show dogs, and race dogs get routine massage to elevate their level of performance. It can also help with the stress brought about from a show.  Dogs pick up on their owners stress and as a result, develop anxiety of their own.  A massage can reduce nervous tension and promote a sense of calm in more hyperactive dogs. Young puppies can also benefit. Massaging a puppy allows him/her to get accustomed to human touch and helps with socialization.

Because it enhances muscle function, and reduces muscle tension, a massage is especially helpful for dogs suffering from arthritis, thus their owners may consider more frequent visits. If a dog suffers from hip dysplasia or arthritis they are more likely to suffer with poor range of motion or poor flexibility however regular massage can assist with symptoms and making life more comfortable.

I have massaged many dogs and felt it to be of huge benefit to them. If anyone has comments to add about alternative therapies that have assisted with an injury, please let me know.


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  1. Posted by Paul on April 12, 2011 at 11:36 am

    GREAT post on doggy health and goodness. Didn’t know you could do dogs too. I would love to see images, photos, diagrams, cross images, charts…next time. Check out public image libraries online for stuff you can use free. A greyhound coming out of the traps would have been a perfect kick-off image to this post.


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